Welcome to Wood Hath Hope!

We are a small group discovering the message of Jesus as peace and hope for our world. We believe Jesus’ life and teaching are shifting the human landscape toward nonviolence and forgiveness, even as the crisis of our times continues to build.

We come from different church backgrounds, and none. We are united by a study and understanding of the bible which shows God’s plan was always to overcome violence and death in the world. This belief brings us together as community. We meet for prayer and celebration, and do simple service for others.

Although mainline churches are in decline, and fundamentalism promotes a violent theology, the message of Jesus is creating new communities and opportunities of peace all over the world. We seek to be a faithful part of this movement of the gentle divine Spirit, contributing to an emerging phenomenon.

Take a look at a delightful YouTube rendering of the original WHH song written by St. Louis Jesuits. The young woman singer is not connected to our group but we are very grateful for her spirited performance uploaded on the web!

Why Wood Hath Hope?

We chose Wood Hath Hope as a name because our small community came to birth in the aftermath of a freak tornado that hit Syracuse in September of 1998.

It upended trees, pulled down power lines and left stumps and splintered branches all over the city. This suggested to us the verse from Job quoted above, which refers to more than just trees --rather the way God can work to regenerate a broken world.




Our Story & Vision... 
More about us.

The Four Gospels

Previous studies archived on this page. We begin with the Parallel Study of Mark and John which we completed December '08.

JESUALITY (a mixture of Jesus and Spirituality!) You can now find the whole program on this page, an eight week intro. to mimetic theology and spirituality!

Did you ever wonder what it may have been like to hang out with Jesus before doctrinal formulae took over?

Just as another human being, but one who definitely had a way with him, things to say and do that made a difference?

Here is a Whh course that tries an answer to these questions. The format begins with a basic theme in Jesus’ story, and as it is connected to those around him in the gospels. Then each person shares directly with one other person about comparable experiences and situations in our own life.

The principle is one of imitation. Not simply conscious or deliberate imitation, but the kind that happens in the deep structure of our brains before we hardly know it. The kind described in words like “empathy” or in the science of “mirror neurons.”

We take a look at some of this science at the beginning of the course. and within the larger framework of what is called “mimetic theory.”

At the end of every session, after the one-to-one sharing, there is a time of prayer in which each partner prays for the other before the whole group. In this way each person is lifted up in the Spirit by all.

Program: Songs and prayers, 20 minutes; presentation about 40 minutes; sharing in pairs about 30 minutes (different pairs per week ); group prayer with each partner praying for the other.